My entry for the CulturaChip 4th Anniversary compo. foro.culturachip.org/viewtopic.php?id=890

Hexavirus Full OST [Amstrad CPC]

Original soundtrack for the Amstrad CPC game Hexavirus. 1.- Menu Music 2.- Game Start 3.- Ingame Music 4.- Level Completed 5.- Game Over

Breaking Baud

A new tape demo for the Amstrad CPC464, released at Revision 2014. Winner of the 2nd place in the Oldskool demo compo. And with music from your friendly neighbour McKlain. Download: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=62934 Live video from the party floor during the oldskool compo.

Saboteur 2 (2008 remake)

An arrangement that I made in July 2008 of the original theme for the Saboteur 2 videogame. Based on the CPC version of the game. Original song by the master Rob Hubbard.


My solo is longer than yours. Made in Propellerhead Reason. 2006.

Estrella Rota

Made with Propellerhead Reason. Started in 2003, finished in 2006.


Raindrops keep falling.